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NOVASiC polishing of SiC began in 1997. Since then, the company has been actively involved in several French National and European SiC and related materials research programs, and has regularly participated in SEMI standards on Silicon Carbide.


“NOVASiC provides state of the art wafering and polishing services of high performance semiconductors and industrial crystals to laboratories and industrial customers. NOVASiC concentrates on Silicon Carbide, nitride wafers and other related materials.”

Thanks to its large scope of expertise and equipment, NOVASiC is able to offer a wide range of services on several different materials:

  • Polishing and surface preparation for epitaxy or re-growth

  • Wafer reclaim after defective epitaxy with or without metallization (SiC/SiC, GaN, AlGaN, InGaN, ZnO, ...)

  • Epitaxy

NOVASiC will work:

  • Under contract for dedicated customer process development

  • As a subcontractor, i.e. processing material provided by the customer

  • If required, NOVASiC can also source the base material from commercial vendors and process it to customers' needs


NOVASiC was established in 1995 near the high tech and research center of Grenoble.

Since September 2001, NOVASiC has been operating from a new production plant designed for significantly larger output. The facilities include a class-100 clean room for wafer cleaning and final inspection where the technical team operates in shifts to better serve customers’ demands.

Since 2022, NOVASIC is part of SOITEC group. 

NOVASiC has been granted the ISO 9001 certification and works with respect of environment regulations.


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NOVASiC has developed innovative polishing processes for the different crystal types (6H, 4H, doped and semi-insulating, 3C, ...).

StepSiC® is our trade mark for the polishing of the Si-face.

State of the Art specifications to enhance epitaxy and device yields or performance: scratch free, low roughness, ultra-clean epiready surface, no damaged layers.



Silicon carbide has the well-established position as a key material for high power, high temperature, and harsh environment devices.


This position is not threatened by the industrial developments of the ultimate wide band-gap semiconductor diamond which are just beginning. The fact remains that the substrates for the deposition of homoepitaxial SiC layers are extremely expensive as compared to other semiconductor materials, and available diameters are limited to 100mm. For that reason the heteroepitaxial growth of cubic polytype of SiC (3C-SiC) on silicon could be considered as an interesting alternative to homoepitaxial deposition of hexagonal polytypes (4H- and 6H-SiC).


Year Established


Polishing of SiC commenced 



ISO 9001 certification


Acquired by Soitec



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